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Coaches' Corner

On this page you will find expert advice from our coaching team along with other information to enhance your performance and enjoyment of the sport. If you do not find what you are looking for, then just ask one of the Club's coaches.

Club coaches will normally be available on Club Nights to answer questions, assist in improving your skills or helping you to overcome any problems you encounter in your shooting.
If you feel you need help, do please approach one of the coaches and we will be happy to talk to you.

Arrow Grouping

If your arrows are grouping either left or right of the target, it does not automatically mean that your arrows are of the wrong spine. Itis a possibility that your arrows areout of spine but there are so many other reasons for this to happen. Some examples are:

  • Arrows hitting arrow rest
  • Badly tuned pressure button
  • Inconsistent release
  • Bow not tuned

If your arrows are consistentlyleft or right of the target, seek advice.If it is one or two arrows that are off target then it is possibly something that you are doing.

Bow Tuning - Initial Set Up

Learn how to identify the main bow set up measurements and how to test for knocking point height, centre-shot and button tension. More details>>

Bow Tuning - Fine Tuning

Learn how to apply two fine tuning tests and adjust tuning. More details>>

Bow Tuning - Tuning for Groups

Learn how to apply two micro tuning tests and adjust tuning. More details>>

Bow Tuning Tests

General guide to tuning More details>>

Controlling Bow Behaviour with Stabilisers

Learn how stabilisers and attachments control the motion of bows and how their effects can be adjusted to suit your needs More details>>

Walkback Tuning Worksheet

Click here to download

Arrow Fletching & Forward of Centre Balance

A short guide to arrow fletching and arrow balance More details>>

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