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Double Frostbite 2019



Chorley Bowmen Double Frostbite

Sunday 29th December 2019

Wigan Lane Playing Fields

Round 1

Round 2


Hits Golds Score
Hits Golds Score
Hits Golds Score

Gents Recurve

Len Platten 36 2 290
36 4 287
72 6 577
Philip Dyer 36 1 266
36 0 201
72 1 467
Eddie Marsden 34 1 237

34 1 237

Gents Barebow

Mike Elsea 22 0 81
18 0 82
40 0 163

Lady Recurve

Colette-Estelle Sunter 21 0 143
22 0 90
43 0 233


Harlie Mason 36 11 325
36 9 319
72 20 644

Gent Compound

Roy Jackson 36 11 313
36 5 306
72 16 619


Joshua Green 36 25 344
36 24 346
72 49 690

Lady Compound

Jo Roberts 36 9 319
36 8 318
72 17 637
Lucy Bretherton 26 0 160

26 0 160

Gent Longbow

Martin Roberts 19 1 52

19 1 52

Archery Darts 2019

Archery Darts 2019
A good night was had by all who came and one of our ex members came to see us too.
Later we had a very good hot pot witch Roy Jackson got for us. Thank you Roy.
There was also a good raffle after the hot pot.
Thank you to you all have a very Merry Chritmas & a Happy New Year.



Winners:       Jack Grogan & Steve Saxon
Runners Up:    Joanne Roberts & Dave Ball
3rd Place:      Lucy Bretherton & Lorraine Burrows  

Club Championships 2019 25th August 2019


Round: WA 1440
Compound Lady Hits Golds Total Grand Prix points
Joanne Roberts 142 18 1089 30

Compound Gent

Steve Saxon 144 33 1177 30

Recurve Lady

Lorraine Burrows 140 11 943 30

Recurve Gent

Dave Ball 143 16 1023 30

Round: Metric 2
Recurve Gent Hits Golds Total
Eddie Kwasnicki 123 34 924
Mike Eslea 110 17 724

Round: Long Metric
Compound Gent Hits Golds Total
Geoff Tittensor 72 14 605

Round: Double Metric 4
Long Bow Gent Hits Golds Total
Martin Roberts 118 3 538

Best Gold:               Martin Roberts
Family Trophy:         Joanne & Martin Roberts
Handicap Trophy:    Eddie Marsden

Indoor Club Championships 2019

Thank to everybody who attended the Indoor Club Championships, and congratulations to the winners.

Looking forward to seeing you outdoors. Shoot well and strong.


Indoor Club Championships

Portsmouth 29-03-2019

Compound Ladies H G S
Jo Roberts 59 10 532
Lucy Bretherton 59 6 488

Compound Gents

Geoff Tittensor 59 25 556
Steve Saxon 60 17 552
Geoff Fairhurst 59 6 529

Recurve Lady

Lorraine Burrow 59 12 497

Recurve Gents

Dave Ball 60 34 568
Neil Seddon 60 29 562
Martin Shaw 60 27 559
Len Platten 60 15 533
Eddie Kwasnicki 60 12 525

The Richard Priestman Trophy

Lorraine Burrow

Indoor Championships 2018

Archery Darts 2018

Archery Darts 2018
    Thank you for the excellent turn out. We all had a good evening of fierce competition and laughs. There was some very good shooting all round and we ended the evening with a very close final with both teams having a chance to win in all 3 legs.

    Congratulations to this years winners Martin Shaw and Jack Broughton, who defeated  Lorraine Burrows and Steve Saxon with an absolutely perfect first arrow  Double Top from Martin to win the third leg.

Wishing everybody at Chorley Bowmen a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Club Championships 2018

Club Champs 2018
    A very big Thank You all for coming & supporting your Club Champs. Well done to all of you that won it turned out to be a good day.

Once again Thank You.


Club Championships

Long Metric


Compound Gent H G S GPP
Steve Saxon
72 4 504 30

Recurve Lady

Lorraine Borrow
71 3 458 30

Recurve Gents

Jack Grogan
71 3 519 30
Ben Lingard
70 1 413

Recurve Gent Shooting A Long Metric 2

Eddie Kwasnicki
69 3 413 0

Family Trophy Not Awarded

Best Gold Eddie Kwasnicki

Handicap Trophy Steve Saxon Improved by 6

Club Indoor Championships 2018

Outdoor Champs 2016 Results

Indoor Club Championships 2018

Club Championships 2017


Club Championships 2017

    Well done to all who won and Thank You for coming. I hope you all had a good shoot since some of you had not
    got all of your sight marks, so well done to you all.


Club Championships

WA 1440 & Metrics 2 and 4

27th August 2017

Compound Gent H G S Grand Prix Points
Paul Smith
143 28 1165 30

Recruve Lady & Gent Shooting A Lady’s WA 1440
Lorrain Burrow
144 7 986 30
Mike Eslea
134 5 816

Recurve Lady Shooting A Metric 2

Cathrine Rawlinson
136 5 801

Recuve Gents

Jack Grogan
144 42 1233 30
Ben Lingard
143 11 971 28

Junior Lady Recurve Shooting a Metric 4

Rebecca Rawlinson
142 7 1055 30

Best Gold

Lorrain Burrow

Handicap Improvement Award

Mike Eslea By 5

Family Trophy

Cathrine & Rebecca Rawlinson

President's Shoot 2017

President's Shoot 2017

President’s Shoot

Long Western

25 June 2017

Compound Ladies Hits Golds Score Allowance Total Grand Prix Points

Eieen Izzat 95 61 776 42 818 30

Lucy Bretherton 96 14 551 42 593 25

Compound Gents

Steve Izzat 96 66 794 0 794 30

Steve Saxon 96 43 740 0 740 25

Recurve Lady

Lorrain Burrows 94 19 568 134 702 30

Best Gold

Steve Izzat

President’s Cup Winner

Eileen Izzat

Thank you to all who took the trouble to come

and support the President’s Shoot all thought the

weather was bad to start with, heavy rain until

lunch, then it brighten up .It turned out

to be a good shoot. Thank you to Eileen, Lucy, Lorraine, Steve Izzat & Steve Saxon

for a lovely day out.

Club Indoor Championships 2017

Outdoor Champs 2016 Results

Indoor Championships 2017

Club Outdoor Championships 2016

Compound Gents      
Geoff Tittensor         144    46    1286
       Steve Saxon           144    32    1176    
Recurve Lady Metric 3                   
Kay Duffield        135    8    802   
Recurve Gents                   
Jack Grogan        144    42    1232
Ben Lingard        142    15    1036
Eddie Marsden   126    9      894 
Recurve Gents Metric 1                   
Len Platten        140    10    995   
Stephen Rose   138    2    920   
Mike Eslea      126    4    685   
Bare Bow Gent Metric 3                   
Paul Duffield        123    6    694   
        Best Gold           
        Geoff Tittensor           
        Handicap Improvement Award           
        Roy Jackson    By 4       
Club Championships 2016

Outdoor Champs 2016 Results

Simon Wins Coach Of The Year

Chorley Bowmen would like to congratulate Simon Cordingley who has been awarded Coach Of The Year for 2016 at the Annual South Ribble Sports Awards.

Simon was nominated by a Club Member and beat competition from five other coaches representing running, rugby and three for football.

"I have to admit to being slightly embarrassed when the nomination arrived in the post, given that the success of the club and the work of the coaching team is in fact a team effort. That said, I was also rather pleased to have the opportunity to promote the club (which I did mercilessly at the event)"

Not only has Simon been very active within the Club, but has also worked tirelessly with Archery GB and British Blind Sports in setting up training sessions for coaching blind and VI archers.

The Coach Of The Year Award is sponsored by UCLAN and was presented by their Dean of the School of Sport and Wellbeing, Adrian Ibbetson.

A full list of winners can be found at the SRSA website.

Indoor Club Championships 2016

The Club Indoor Championships were held on 1st April 2016.

There was a good turn out, thank you to all who took part, and well done to all the winners.

The round was as usual a Portsmouth. Full results to follow in due course.

Lady Compound
Gent Compound
Lady Recurve
Gent Recurve
1st Helen Taylor
1st Steve Izzat
1st Amanda Clark
1st Jack Grogan
2nd Lucy Bretherton
2nd Steve Saxon
2nd Fiona Owens
2nd Dave Hodson
3rd Julia Collier
3rd Geoff Tittensor

3rd Neil Seddon

Junior Recurve
Lady Bare Bow
Richard Priestman Tankard

1st Rebecca Rawlinson
1st Katie Johnston
Dave Hodson

2nd Alex Tolan



North Meols Indoor March 2016

Good Shooting form Chorley Bowmen at North Meols Indoor 2016.

1st Gent: Jack Grogan
2nd Gent: Mick Chambers
2nd Lady: Amanda Clark

2nd Gent: Tony Wallbank
3rd Gent: Geoff Tittensor

Click Image for Photographs

Chester Indoor February 2016

Well done to everyone who shot at the CCB Indoor Tournament at the weekend.

Congratulations to all our Medal winners.

Saturday - Individual

1st Gent Recurve - Neil Seddon                         
Lady Paramount Prize - Lucy Bretherton



Sunday - Team

2nd Recurve Team - Chorley Bowmen A
(Dave Ball, Jack Grogan, Neil Seddon, Amanda Clark)

2nd Gent Recurve - Neil Seddon
Most Golds Lady Recurve - Amanda Clark

1st Compound Team - Chorley Bowmen A
(Eileen Izzatt, Geoff Tittensor, Helen Taylor, Jack Broughton)

2nd Lady Compound - Helen Taylor
3rd Lady Compound - Eileen Izzat
Most Golds Gent Compound - Jack Broughton




Chorley Bowmen Double Frostbite 2015

A total of ten hardy Archers competed (all recurve). Although the rain stayed away, the ground was waterlogged and very muddy.

Congratulations to...

1st Junior     Rebecca Rawlinson

1st Gent       Ben Linguard
2nd Gent      Jack Grogan
3rd Gent      Eddie Marsden

Frostbite 2015

Full Results

Club Championships WA 1440 27th September 2015

Results of the Club Championships are available to download.


Hi all club Members who came to the Club Championships. It was lovely to see you all there supporting your club.
We had a lovely day with lots of sun. Thank you to all who helped to set up the field and to top it off we had a lovely BBQ too. I hope you all have a good indoor season.

Good Shooting from your President, Brenda Saxon.

Wigan & Orrell Portsmouth 25th January 2015

Chorley were again making their presence felt.

Jack Broughton excelled achieving a new County Record for the Portsmouth, Gents Compound, with a score of 592.

Neil Seddon won First Gentleman Recurve, and Helen Taylor Second Lady Compound. Dave Ball and Geoff Tittensor taking the Veterans Awards for Recurve and Compound.

To cap it off, another win for the Recurve team, Neil, Martin, Jack G. and Dave B. Nice one.

Well done to everyone who took part. Results are on the LAA Website.

By Amanda Clark

The period between Christmas and New Year always has an air of awkwardness about it. No one is quite sure what day it actually is - never mind what the date is; the sofa sitting and peanut/chocolate  consumption has reached alarming levels and if you have to endure yet another repeat of The Snowman, either with or without his dog, you might actually scream! 

To alleviate this festive hangover, Chorley Bowmen decided to do something about it; a Double Frostbite was the answer (apparently) to this Crimbo Limbo.

So, a little after 10am, on the morning after the hardest frost we had seen all winter, twelve hardy archers, plus The Grogan Photography/Support Team, found themselves huddled on a white and frozen Wigan Lane field. Enthusiasm would surely be enough to keep the frostbite from setting in?

ely, Mother Nature conspired against us for the best part of an hour; for the locks were frozen solid! Copious amounts of anti freeze were readily administered, with hopeful hearts, but alas, it all appeared to be in vain.

Step forward Mr Marsden - can of WD40 in hand and trusty lighter held aloft - surely this tack would get us out of this frozen pickle? All the locks were soon ablaze, with Eddie now much warmer than the rest of us, the locks surely couldn't hold against this genius plan?

Eventually the roller door locks relented, determination had been rewarded with progress.... But our joy was short lived; the bar on the door had us foiled, it wouldn't budge. We were, it seemed, going to have to give up and go home! However, Simon Thomas had other ideas, so off he shot home; speedily returning, only this time with tool kit on board, and within a few short minutes he had breached the bar and we were in! A hearty cheer erupted, followed by grateful applause, and we set about setting up in double quick time, ready to start sighters exactly an hour behind schedule.

Within twenty minutes we had regained the feeling in our feet, mostly due to the shooting line being moved across field a little, so as to ensure we were shooting in the winter sun and her wonderful thawing properties!

The weather stayed dry, the heavy frost ebbed away as the shoot progressed; a dozen hardy archers, in all their multi layered, hat wearing, red nosed glory! It was a lovely way to spend the day, to catch up with people after Christmas and to breathe in the crisp, winter air - not to mention the burning WD40!

For those of you who didn't attend, you missed a fun day! So make a note in your shiny, new calendars; Double Frostbite Shoot during Crimbo Limbo 2015 - not to be missed! Come and join the hardy archers, it's more eventful than you'd think!


Gents Compound Barebow
Gerry Hart 645
Gents Recurve
Jack Grogan 688
Simon Thomas 643
Dave Ball 640
Ed Marsden 599
Len Platten 522
Steve Nutter 490
Liam Nutter 459
Ben Craze 436
Gents Compound 
Steve Izzat 699
Tony Wallbank 672
Paul Smith 668
Lady Recurve
Amanda Clark 581
Click Image for Gallery        

Archery Darts 12/12/2014

A big thank-you to everyone who took part for making it a great evening. Thanks especially to Amanda for collecting names, Barbara for selling raffle tickets and serving food, Brenda for organising prizes, score boards and the hot pot, Eddie and his team for setting up and clearing away, Greg for a great set of photographs and Steve S for keeping things going.

Congratulations to the winners Dave Ball (recurve) and Mike Chambers (recurve) who defeated Jonathan Rigby (barebow) and Tony Wallbank (compound) by 2 legs to nil in the Final.

Click on Pic for gallery.

Caldy Bowmen 35th Indoor Tournament
23rd November 2014

Well done to everyone who shot at Caldy, the Team did exceptionally well with the following prizes coming back to Chorley.

Gents Recurve:

1st Jack Grogan 573 (42 10's)
2nd Martin Shaw
573 (35 10's)
3rd Neil Seddon 572

Gents Compound:
Joint 1st Jack Broughton 581

Lady Compound:
2nd Eileen Izzat 575

Team Compound:
Chorley Bowmen Jack Broughton, Eileen Izzat, Steve Izzat & Geoff Tittensor

Team Recurve:
Chorley Bowmen Jack Grogan, Martin Shaw, Neil Seddon & Amanda Clark.

Jack & Jill Compound:
Steve & Eileen Izzat

Congratulations to all our competitors for making it a great day for Chorley.

Caldy Bowmen 35th Indoor Tournament Gallery (click on picture).

Full Results are on the Caldy Bowmen Web Site.

Archery GB Progress Awards

This year Chorley Bowmen signed up to to the Archery GB Progress Award Scheme.

The Archery GB Progress Awards are designed to provide beginners and younger archers
with awards for developing their archery skills.
The scheme is open to all archers and is operated by archery clubs or by schools, youth
groups and similar who practice target archery.
The award comprises a rectangular badge showing the Archery GB logo and the word
“progress” on a coloured background.

The awards range from White, Black, Blue, Red to Gold.

During the 2014 Outdoor Season the following Awards have been achieved.

Rebecca Torak        Black, Blue
Megan Molloy        Blue
Lynne Taylor           White, Black, Blue
Jonathan Baily        Black
Paul Holdon            Blue, Red
Shannon Bradly      Red
Ben Craze                White, Blue
Len Platten              Gold
John White               Black, Blue
Dan Tittney              Red

Well done everyone. You can still carry on achieving awards during the Indoor Season.

High Elm Bill Fraser Westerns 3rd August 2014

Another successful shoot for Chorley Bowmen.

The Highlights:

Martin Shaw        3rd Gents Recurve
Tony Wallbank    3rd Gents Compound
Thomas Walne    2nd Short Western Gents Recurve
Recurve Team    3rd (Martin Shaw, Mick Chambers, Amanda Clark and Simon Thomas)

We also did very well in the Raffle!

Full results are available on the High Elm Website.

High Elm Photographs

Presidents Shoot 2014

There was a fantastic turn out for this years President's Shoot, and we all enjoyed a fantastic shoot in great weather.

The results were:

Compound Gents
1st    Geoff Tittensor
2nd    Jack Broughton
3rd    Paul Smith

Recurve Ladies
1st    Amanda Clark
2nd    Julia Collier
3rd    Mary Peters

Recurve Gents
1st     Mick Chambers
2nd    Dave Ball
3rd    Eddie Marsden

Recurve Junior Ladies Shooting A Short Junior National
1st    Megan Molloy
2nd    Rebecca Troake

President's Trophy    Mick Chambers

Congratulations to all winners.

Thank-you all for coming and we hope to see you all and more next year.

Full Results (PDF)

President's Shoot 2014 Photos

Lancashire Weekend 2014

Several club members competed at the Lancashire Championships over the weekend of 14th and 15th June.

On Saturday in the FITA Star Tournament Eileen Izzat won the Ladies Compound with her first MB score of the season.

On Sunday in the York/ Hereford, there was a bumper crop of awards. Geoff Tittensor smashed his PB with a new club record score of 1196 to take 3rd place in the Mens Compound. Pat Fox won the Ladies Compound Championship. They also collecting the Compound Team award along with Paul Smith.

A great first Championships for Mary Peters was rewarded with the Ladies Lady Paramount Prize, with Steve Saxon picking up the Gents Prize.

With this been the 60th Anniversary of the Lancashire Championships, there were some special prizes. Simon Cordingly, Mary Peters and Dave Ball receiving one each.

Full results to follow once they have been Published on the LAA Website.

FITA Star Photographs

York/ Hereford Photographs

Indoor Club Championships 2014

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Indoor Club Championships on Friday 29th March 2014. It was one of the biggest turn outs we have seen at the club, and it was fantastic to see so many new members taking part.


Lady Compound 1st
Eileen Izzat

Gents Compound
Tony Wallbank

Steve Izzat

Geoff Tittensor

Ladies Recurve
Amanda Clark

Shannon Bradley

Michelle Whittle

Gents Recurve
Simon Cordingley

Martin Shaw

Dave Ball

Junior Recurve
Alex Tolan

Rebecca Troake

Gents Barebow
Jonathan Rigby

Junior Barebow
Jake Rigby

Novice Junior Girl
Megan Melloy

Richard Priestman Tankard

Simon Thomas

The Richard Priestman Tankard is awarded to the archer who has reduced their handicap the most during the Indoor season.

Thank-you to Julia for performing Lady Paramount duties.

Click the above image for the Photo Gallery and a full set of results can be downloaded by clicking the download button.

North Meols Indoor Tournament 2014

On Sunday 16th March 2014 The North Meols Indoor Tournament took place at Banks Leisure Centre.

There was a good turnout of Chorley Bowmen archers and once again we were well represented in the prize lists.

Eddie Marsden took second place in the Gents Recurve with a score of 562, with our gents taking 3 of the top 6 places.

In the Gents Compound, Tony Wallbank was second with a score of 564 and Geoff Tittensor pipped Craig Hobin into 3rd place with a score of 562, with Craig on 560, the gents taking 4 of the top 6 places.

Congratulation of all our Prize Winners.

Full Preliminary results are available here.

Click on Image to View Gallery

Chester Indoor Tournament

To all my club members that took part in the Chester team shoot, a big thank you & well done to you all & to our newer members that had not been in the team before well done & see you soon. Brenda

Results                        Photographs: Saturday & Sunday

                Bowmen At Chester Indoor 2014

Wigan & Orrell Indoor Tournament

Several club members shot at the Wigan & Orrell shoot on Sunday. We have the following brief report from Simon Cordingley:

Jasmine Leigh won the junior girl compound at her first ever competition.

Mary Peters shot a PB (518) at her first ever competition.

Furthermore, the veteran recurve trophy was won by a Mr David Ball!


Congratulations to all the winners especially those who shot their first ever open competition. Well done Mary, Jasmine and Damian, you have done us proud.

Full results are available on the LAA website.

Archery Darts & Christmas Meal

The two recent social events were attended very well and were enjoyed by all.

Congratulations to Mick Clitheroe & Paul Smith for winning the Darts Tournament. Dave Thomas & Simon Cordingley finished in second place with Dave Ball & Thomas Walne finishing in third. It's great to see two of our newer members reaching the final.

We would also like to thank Lucy for organising an excellent Christmas Meal at Fieldfare in Chorley. It was great to see so many of you attending.

Christmas meal 2013

We would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Successful New Year.

Congratulations to Chorley Bowmen members who shot splendidly at Caldy Bowmen tournament on Sunday 24th November.

Preliminary results as follows:

1st Gent Recurve - Jack Grogan (I know he's only our guest, but thought I'd let you know)

2nd Gent Recurve - Martin Shaw

2nd Junior Boy Recurve - Sam Cordingley

1st Recurve Team - Martin Shaw, Dave Ball, Sam Cordingley, Simon Cordingley

A selection of Photographs are at this link.

Club Champs Results


8th September 2013

Compound Lady




Grand Prix Points

Eileen Izzat





Compound Gents

Steve Izzat





Geoff Tittensor





Steve Saxon





Paul Smith





Recurve Gents

Dave Ball





Mike Clitheroe





Family Trophy

Handicap Shield

Best Golds

Eileen & Steve Izzat

Helen Taylor BY 9

Compound Lady

Eileen Izzat

Compound Gent

Geoff Tittensor

Recurve Gents

Dave Ball

Thank you all for coming and supporting the Club. Well done to all that won trophies and medals and thank you to our new members for coming too.

We hope to see you all here next year.

Record Breaking Day at the 3rd Annual Joe Saxon Memorial Tournament

On the 21st July 2013 we held our 3rd Annual Joe Saxon Memorial Tournament & BBQ.

The turn out was good, with a wide range of abilities, form a rare and welcome visit to the club from Olympic Medallist Simon Terry and GB Team member Emma Terry to adults and Juniors shooting in their first tournaments

The weather was about as good as it gets for Archery, warm, little wind and high cloud keeping the sun at bay.

There were five Lancashire records achieved on the day, including two for Chorley Bowmen members. Congratulations go to the following people on their achievements.

Craig Holmes P&S Gent Compound Albion 958

Simon Terry Chorley Bowmen Gent Recurve Albion 932

Thomas Rice Nethermoss Archers JG_U14 Compound Jnr Windsor 948

Thomas Walne Chorley Bowmen JG_U16 Recurve Sht Jnr Windsor 894

Sarah Houghton P&S JL_U12 Recurve Sht Jnr Windsor 882

The committee would like to thank all those members who helped on the day, setting up the field and tidying up afterwards, it contributed to an enjoyable day to all those who shot.

Special mention goes to Eddie, who did a sterling job with the BBQ. It must have been good because we sold out of Burgers!!

Download the full results here.

Click the image below to access photographs, courtesy of Roy Jackson, Brenda Saxon & Mick Clitheroe.

3rd Annual Memorial Shoot

Updates From Recent Tournaments


23rd June 2013: Lancashire Annual Junior Championships

Congratulations to Thomas Walne who finished First Local boy and Second overall for the Bristol 2, also Sam Cordingley who finished 3rd overall. Conditions were difficult with high winds and rain.

Full Results are available on the LAA website.

29th & 30th June 2013: National Inter-counties Team Championships

Chorley Bowmen were well represented in the Lancashire squad competing in the first National Inter-counties Team Championships at Lilleshall.

Simon Terry from Chorley Bowmen along with Paul Tittensor and Steve Sigurnjak from Eccles had an excellent result, finishing in first place.

The Ladies Compound team consisted entirely of Chorley Bowmen members, Eileen Izzat, Helen Taylor and Emma Terry, just missed out on a medal, finishing in fourth place.

The Gents Compound team featured two members from Chorley, Steve Izzat and Geoff Tittensor, along with Craig Holmes from P&S. Unfortunately they did not fare as well as the other teams finishing 16th overall.

We are proud of all our members who represented the County in this inaugural tournament and look forward to many more in the future.

Full Results and Photographs are available on the Archery GB website.

7th July 2013: Chester FITA Star.

Congratulations to Eileen Izzat who finished First with a score of 1296 and Helen Taylor finishing third with 1271. There were also well deserved distance awards for Lucy Bretherton at 50 meters and Angela Fox at 30 meters. An excellent day for our Lady Compound archers.

Former Chorley Bowman Paul Tittensor, partner to Helen came 1st in the Gents Recurve.

Full Results are available on the CCB website.

Chorley Club Member wins Olympic selection

Chorley Bowmen club member Simon Terry has won his selection battle to represent his country in the archery competition in the 2012 London Olympics. Simon has represented his country at two previous Olympic games. He won an individual and team Bronze medal in the Barcelona summer Olympics in 1992 and competed successfully in the 2008 Beijing games narrowly missing on the medals. Read all about the selection process and the final preparations for the upcoming competition on the official Archery GB

Simon Terry: World Archery Athlete of the Week

Chorley Bowmen club member Simon Terry has been voted Athlete of the week by World Archery. Read the full article and interview here.



Simon Terry



A Golden Day for Larry, Simon and Alan in Antalya

GB men recurve team won the gold medal at the World Cup tournament in Antalya, Turkey. For full details follow this link.

GBR Gent Recurve Antalya







Junior club member achieves Bowman classifications


Chorley Bowmen members would like to congratulate our junior club member Sam Cordingley on achieving a Junior Bowman classification in his first outdoor season. Superb achievement and very well done.

With thanks to Greg Grogan of Nethermoss Archers for the use of the photograph.









19 May 2012


Chorley Boys storm Cheshire


On 19th May Sam Cordingley and Thomas Walne stormed the junior shoot at Chester County Bowmen, taking second and third places respectively. The afternoon saw a very close run Short National with the two 14 year olds vying for a place on the leader board. The competition was a close one. End by end the composition of the top 4 under 16s changed. At the end of the third dozen only two points separated the joint first and joint third contenders. Despite putting in a shock 1, Sam recovered with a clutch of solid 9’s to slide into second with a score of 570; narrowly missing an overall victory by 4 points. Thomas shot consistently well throughout and secured a much deserved third with 564 points. The boys also walked away with a number of Cheshire Cat and Wheatsheaf awards.










21 May 2012


New Lancashire Record for Chorley Bowmen Archer



Congratulations to Chorley Bowmen’s junior recurve archer Sam Cordingley who shot a new Lancashire record for the St Nicholas round at Assheton Bowman with a score of 722 out of a possible 756. Well done Sam.




19 August 2012



Summer Tournament Success



Two junior Chorley Bowmen archers, Sam Cordingley and Thomas Walne continue to go from strength to strength and are letting the archery world know that they will be a force to be reckoned with in future years.  Both young archers shot well at the Lancashire Archery Association Junior Championships held at Bowlee Fields, Rochdale on Sunday 24th June.


In the Recurve Junior Gents Sam Cordingley was 3rd with a score of 963, Thomas Walne 4th with a score of 912, Thomas then went on to win Best Gold in the individual open round.


On the 1st July Chorley Bowmen was again well represented at the Northern Counties Archery Society FITA Star Tournament held at Chester Sports and Social Club, Upton, Chester. 


Warren Holt won the Recurve Gents Distance Award for the highest score at 50 metres, Tony Hill won the Compound Gents Distance Award for the highest score at 50 metres and Geoff Tittensor won the 30 metre Compound Distance Award.


Overall in the tournament Warren Holt was 5th in the Gents Recurve with a score of 1109 and John Proctor 7th with a score of 1083.  Geoff Tittensor was 6th in the Gents Compound with a score of 1253 and Tony Hill 7th with a score of 1238.


Tony Hill then went on to win the Gents Compound group at the High Elm Bill Frasier Western Shoot held on Sunday 5th August, Tony’s final score was 832.


The Lancashire Archery Association annual Double Clout was held Sunday 12th August at Northway Primary School, Maghull, again Chorley Bowmen put in winning scores.  In the Ladies Compound Pat Fox beat sister Angela into 2nd place, Pat’s score was 159, Angela scored 133 and Tony Hill came 3rd in the Gents Barebow with a score of 51, a good result as it was only Tony’s second outing shooting barebow.  Pat and Angela went on to win the Compound Team Trophy with their combined scores.





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